With the help of our physiotherapists, your road to recovery will progress from pain management to correcting and repairing the underlying cause of that pain by teaching your body how to move functionally.

Here’s your chance to experience:

  • Decreased pain and improved joint mobility, while restoring, maintaining and maximizing your strength, function, movement.
  • Personalized treatment programs with at-home exercises to maintain your progress.
  • A team approach that gives you access to the expertise of our entire team to ensure the progress of your treatment plan.

Vaughan’s Best-In-Class Physiotherapy

Evaluation and Treatment Plans

A physiotherapist’s success is not measured in how many patients they see, but how well their patients are able to maintain functionality and live pain-free without continued intervention.

At Access Rehab, our first goal is to address and manage your pain points—literally. Whether you’re in pain because of a sports injury or from sitting at a desk all day, that pain is preventing you from living life to the fullest. We’ll make sure your pain is managed by evaluating the status and longevity of your condition.

Detailed Assessments
As an expert in the body’s neuro-musculoskeletal structure, your physiotherapist will do a detailed assessment to determine your prognosis and starting point – wherever you may be on the mobility and functionality spectrum.
Personalized Treatment Plans
Your physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan in consultation with you to meet your short and long-term recovery goals. Think of your treatment plan like a business partnership with your practitioner. You’ll hold each other accountable to your goals, the treatment approach at each stage, and the estimated time necessary to meet your goals.
Effective Pain Management
By strengthening muscles to enhance blood flow to the injured area, you’ll help regenerate damaged nerve and cellular structures, helping your body function to as it is meant to. If poor posture or poor technique affects your everyday movement, your physiotherapist will work with you to re-educate your body and encourage natural healing.
At-Home Help
Once we’ve achieved your short-term goals, your physiotherapist will create a discharge plan that will include an at-home exercise program to maintain your progress, and, where necessary, an assessment of your living environment to make sure you have all the equipment to continue your recovery effectively.

You Deserve a Pain-Free Life

Your treatment plan also gives you access to exclusive modalities including, spinal decompression traction, shockwave and laser therapy, and pelvic floor therapy.

Find a Physiotherapist Today

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