Osteopathic Medicine

Harnessing the power of both chiropractic and physiotherapy practices, our osteopaths look at your entire lifestyle to help find possible external causes for your pain and give advice for long-term relief.

Here’s your chance to experience:

  • An in-depth analysis of the root cause of your problem by looking beyond the region where you feel pain to assess potential weakness or imbalances in the body.
  • A gentle, hands-on, natural therapy suitable for all patients.
  • Care covered by most extended healthcare plans, with direct billing available.

Manual Osteopathic Therapy

Holistic Rehabilitation

You’re not defined by your pain or injury – and neither is your body. Osteopaths look at the body as a whole to find and treat the root cause of your pain, exploring all of your symptoms to bring the body back into alignment.

Our osteopaths use a hands-on approach to patient care, by providing gentle manual manipulation to evaluate and treat injuries, chronic pain, and imbalances.

Detailed Lifestyle Evaluation
We’ll ask in-depth questions about your lifestyle, digestion, and sleep patterns to approach the problem from all angles and paint a complete picture of your overall health.
Gentle Manual Therapy
Your osteopath will assess and examine the quality of your body’s movement and sensation using gentle, non-invasive joint mobilization, muscle energy manipulations, and soft tissue therapy.
Effective Pain Management
By looking at your body as one interconnected system—from bones and ligaments, to internal organs and connected tissues—your osteopath will be able to seek out and diagnose a vast array of symptoms and pain that tends to feel “untouchable.”
At-Home Help
Once we’ve addressed your main concerns, your osteopath will create a lifestyle plan that will include an at-home exercise program to maintain your progress, and, where necessary, diet or lifestyle recommendations to help bring your body back to balance.

A Balanced Body Doesn’t Hurt

Osteopathy works because it looks at the body the way it’s designed – as an integrated system that works together to move you throughout your life. We take the same approach when it comes to healthcare. You can trust that we have the resources to help you throughout your lifetime.

Find an Osteopath Today

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