Daniela Ponce

Rehab Coordinator
“My job is to knock down whatever barriers may come between you and your rehab.”

When people are given the space to focus their energy on their rehabilitation, they truly excel. I’ve seen it time and time again, whether in my previous role working for an occupational therapist, or helping patients navigate their recovery here at Access Rehab.

My job is to knock down whatever barriers may come between you and your rehab – from navigating financial concerns, to advocating for your care. As your Rehab Coordinator, I’ll take care of your paperwork, make sure your appointments are booked, and even coordinate with your insurance company to make sure you’re getting the care you need. All you need to do is focus on feeling e better.

In our industry, I believe that personal touch goes a long way. I can’t pretend that a patient telling me that they’ve lost the ability to walk due to pain or injury doesn’t move me. But I can use that emotion and personal connection to get on the phone with their insurance company and fight for them.

Access Rehab is built with patients in mind. We genuinely care and take the time to advocate for our patients no matter the circumstances. Here, you’re not just a number. Your health and recovery truly matters to us. Every day I’m given the opportunity to really get to know our patients and have an impact on their lives. To look them in the eyes and assure them that their treatment is being handled by people who actually care. And that’s what keeps me going every day.

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